What we do

by Brian on December 10, 2010

We work for authors & publishers to convert their books to high quality ready-to-sell digital versions, suitable for publishing directly (without the aid of a 3rd party aggregator allowing you to retain 100% of the profit for life) to the major marketplaces. You only pay a small affordable one-time fee, we provide the file formats and all the training to assist you in uploading your titles, allowing you to become the digital publisher. This means you get paid directly by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Google, and any other marketplace you choose to setup accounts with. We are a FULL SERVICE author/publisher services firm, offering a value proposition unsurpassed by others in the industry.  We work on a work-for-hire basis, meaning you retain all of the rights to your work (as it should be!).  In addition to eBook formatting & layout, we provide: * Cover design * Marketplace setup & optimization (to your accounts on Amazon, BN, and Apple ) * Print-on-Demand layout & setup * KDP select campaigns

*Pay only for the services you need. *|Most conversions are completed within 14 days. In addition to the services we provide, at no additional cost, you will also receive: * Over 3 hours of video tutorials to assist you with marketplace setup, optimization, and marketing. * 60 days of post-sale support through our Pixels To Profit website. * A copy of our ePub Template and with access to over 50 tutorials ($97 value). Unlike the large volume conversion shops, we aren’t satisfied until you are. You won’t be stuck with a conversion that doesn’t reflect how you the author intended it to look. You get to proof your eBook before it’s published and our conversions are guaranteed to be 100% compatible.  Before a converted file is delivered to you, we test it on each device.  If there’s ever a problem with the file, we’ll fix it for free.  You always have the option to revise your books at anytime for a low fee.

Our pricing varies depending on the complexity of the book and the file type provided.  You can submit a bid request here. If you have any questions whatsoever, we are hear to help!  Feel free to contact us anytime (we are based in beautiful Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado).

You can also receive one-on-one consulting with Brian Schwartz, the Kindle Expert, through Clarity.fm:


The importance of Self-Publishing your eBook

by Brian on January 6, 2013

Dear author friends (& soon-to-be authors),

I want to share a less fortunate situation I see some authors getting themselves into.  If you let another company publish your eBook under their account, you are going to be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to succeeding in the era of eBooks. If you let another company publish your eBook under their account, you are not actually self-publishing.  True self-publishing means you as the author are the publisher. You work directly with the marketplaces that sell your book, you buy directly from the printers who print your books. The beauty of self-publishing is that you retain 100% of your profits and purchase your books at the lowest possible price (no markup, no middle man).

Here’s WHY you should avoid letting anyone else publish your work under their accounts on the major eBook marketplaces:

  • If you ever want to setup the title under your own account (after it’s already been setup on another account), you will lose your ranking and reviews. This is because the marketplaces can’t simply transfer a title from one account to another. Instead, the title would have to be unpublished under the old account, and then setup as a new title on the new account. Amazon won’t transfer the reviews to your new listing and you have to start over working your way back up the sales rankings (which does take into account your cumulative sales).
  • If you want to participate in programs like KDP select – you need to be able to ‘unpublish’ your work on all the other marketplaces you might setup on (only for the duration you choose to participate in KDP Select). This is easy to do if you are the account holder, but impossible to do if you are not. This is one of the many reasons I’m not a fan of the shotgun approach of publishing your eBook in every marketplace under the sun.
  • One of the keys to being a successful eBook author is in being able to fine tune your listing. This entails updating your description, trying different keywords, changing categories, testing different price points, etc.. All which requires that you have direct access to make these tweaks whenever you want.

I’m not going to call out any of these companies by name, but the bottom line is that there are many different business models out there, and you need to be fully informed before you enter into an engagement. Some companies are charging an annual fee as well as fees anytime you want to update your listings. None of the marketplaces I recommend you publish to charge any fees whatsoever (they don’t have to because they get a % of every sale). Bottom line is that you should be self-publishing your eBook. Which means you as the author/publisher get paid directly by Amazon, BN, Apple, Google, Kobo, or any other reputable marketplace that sells your eBook.

What if your book has already been published in print with a traditional publisher?

If so, there’s a chance the contract you have with your publisher makes no mention of eBooks. If that’s the case, then it would be in your best interest to self-publish your eBook edition before the publisher does. If you wait, and the publisher will likely eventually publish it as an eBook on your behalf, and you will not have any easy time republishing it under your own account. Amazon won’t allow a title to be published as eBook more than once. If this as occurred, as I mentioned above – the only option is that you convince your publisher to unpublish the eBook so you can publish it under your own account. Your ability to do this will vary depending on the contract you have in place with your existing publisher. But many of the contracts were written long before eBooks existed, so there’s a good chance you own the rights to do this yourself. But if you hesitate too long, and the publisher does publish your eBook, you may be hard pressed to get the rights to self-publish it. Please note: Every contract and situation will be different, and by no means am I providing any legal advice whatsoever – you need to protect yourself and be sure you aren’t violating any terms with your existing publisher. You should try to get a letter from the publisher that they are rescinding any rights of the eBook edition. Amazon may ask you to provide written proof that you have the rights if they see the print edition was published under a different publisher. I’ve worked with many authors who had no problem getting the publisher to furnish this document. Sometimes all you have to do is ask!


Wondering which Kindle eBook reader to buy?

December 12, 2012

I’m often asked as the Kindle Expert ‘Which Kindle should I buy?’ Feb.1, 2013 Update – I wanted to post an update on the what I wrote back in December-2012: I mentioned that text-to-speech is really one of my favorite features of the Kindle. iBooks doesn’t have it. And several different Kindle models don’t either, […]

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Extra Amazon author/publisher incentive to enroll in KDP Select (Dec-12 to Feb-13)

November 29, 2012

More good news for Kindle authors! Amazon is offering a new incentive next month to get more of you to enroll with KDP Select. They are doubling the payout to authors who have their Kindle eBooks enabled to be ‘borrowed’, to Amazon’s Prime customers. While you are receiving less from readers who borrow your book […]

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Over 50,000 views on YouTube

September 25, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I looked at the number of views (for the first time) of the videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube since 2010. Our YouTube Channel currently has had more than 50,000 views!   If you haven’t already subscribed, you should because I have plenty of more videos in the works.  If […]

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How Amazon is Saving Bookstores

August 14, 2012

I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given this summer to speak to many authors at writers conferences, and with publishers at the publishing conferences I’ve attended. A topic that inevitably comes up, often has do to with Amazon’s impact on traditional brick and mortar bookstores.  There’s a misconception (in my opinion) that they are slowly putting […]

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What is the ideal cover size for an eBook cover?

July 12, 2012

I get this question a lot!  In fact, probably more than any other question… so, to answer it once and for all.. here’s the answer (which incidentally has changed since the Kindle Fire came about):  But the ideal cover size is a .jpg that is 800 pixels wide by 1066 pixels tall.  This will result in a […]

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Creating iBooks Promo Codes for your Title

July 6, 2012

Did you know that as an Apple  iBooks author who has published directly through iTunes Connect you can request promo codes that’ll give you an option to offer a secure complementary copy of your ebook to reviewers? I advise my clients to try and avoid ever sending out non-DRM (Digital Rights Management) versions of their […]

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How your Kindle edition can get you more reviews on Amazon

May 15, 2012

Do you have as many Amazon reviews for your book as you’d like?  As a publisher of over 50 books on Amazon, I can share first hand that there is indeed a direct correlation between the number of reviews a title has and that title’s book sales.  The more reviews an author has (good or bad), the […]

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Wondering whether or not you should signup for KDP Select?

March 5, 2012

Dear Author friends, I received several emails shortly after Amazon announced the KDP Select program.   Everyone was asking me what I thought they should do.  I honestly couldn’t answer because I didn’t know the answer!  But today, I can.  I received an email from a past client that validates how incredibly powerful the KDP […]

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Two titles that have broken into the Kindle top 5000!

February 29, 2012

I wanted to send out a quick update… this unusual to say the least, but two of the books I just finished converting to Kindle are now among the top .5% of all Kindle books sold. In other words, they’ve broken into the coveted top 5000 spot I often speak of.  This equates to a […]

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