BN Nook Title Setup

Ready to publish your eBook to Barnes & Noble for nook?

We would be happy to assist you in publishing your eBook to Barnes & Noble to make it available on nook. We’ll publish it under your account so you retain 100% of your royalties.

We need you to setup your account here. Once you fully setup your account, provide us your login credentials and we’ll setup your title. Please note: We can’t publish your eBook until you’ve completed the entire account process. This entails filling out all the required account information: Address, Tax ID, Bank account info, and agreeing to their Terms & Conditions. Also note that BN does require a valid credit card be provided… although they don’t charge any amount to your credit card, they do require one before they’ll approve your account.

If your account has not yet been completely setup, you’ll know it when you login and see this screen:

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