eBook Categories (based on Amazon Kindle)

If we are uploading your ebook, we’ll need to know which category your book fits into. This is a VERY important step – it will determine where your book shows up on the various marketplaces. You are allowed to select a total of 2 categories on Amazon, and up to 5 categories on some of the other marketplaces (BN & Apple), when you provide us your list, please rank them in the order of importance in case we can’t include all of them.

Important: Many of these categories below have sub-categories, so be sure to click through to see a list of subcategories and provide the subcategory you feel your book best fits into (we have to choose a subcategory if one exists).

For example, If your title is Fiction, there are many categories under fiction, some of when have multiple sub-categories like this:

Fiction>Action & Adventure>Science Fiction> General

Please provide us the category list in the format above (Fiction>Action & Adventure>Science Fiction> General) so we correctly place your title. Here’s a example click-through tree:

Begin your category search here (you will see all the categories listed on the left side of the screen after you click-through)

You can also select your categories from the official list of BISAC Codes.

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