Digital Layout Options

Dear Author/Publisher,

Indeed, you can have your eBook your way.  Never settle for anything but exactly what you want.  Here’s some examples of the layout options available to you when we do your ebook conversion:

Left Aligned vs. Justified

Left Aligned


Gap between paragraphs vs. No Gap:

No GAP between paragraphs

GAP Between Paragraphs

The choice is up to you.  Advise us of your choice: Left Aligned or Justified? Gap or No Gap?

Got Breaks?

Breaks are used within a chapter  – usually used to indicate a new concept to the reader.  You can’t use multiple line breaks to indicate a section break, and instead of something like ‘***’ or ‘—‘, I recommend we insert a more attractive graphical break.  Unless your book already has a graphical break I can use, here are some options available to you:

Break 1

Break 2

Break 3

Break 4

Break 5

Break 6

Please let me know if you would like me to use one of these breaks in your conversion.

Thank you!

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