$199 Facebook Fan Page Artwork for Authors and Speakers

Did you notice that on March 30, 2012 Facebook switched the look and feel of all Fan pages to the  new ‘timeline’ format ?  If so, are you making the best use of your new layout?

From my own personal experience as a publisher (who’s been selling online since 2000), Facebook continues to represent one of the best sources of traffic for us, and by having a fan page for your book or for yourself as a speaker, you give your clients, fans & readers an effortless way to assist you with vitally important ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

I know many of you whom I’ve already worked with will benefit from this, and when asked what I recommend you do to start marketing your book or yourself, my first question is always; do you have a fan page on Facebook?

You can examples of some actual facebook pages we’ve already created at:

Because I’m grateful to all the authors and speakers who’ve hired me in the past, I want to extend a 50% discount to you.  And for a limited time, I’m extending the same discount to anyone who also found out about us via SpeakerNet News.

1. If you already have a facebook fan page for your book, we’ll create 3 designs for only $199. Click the PayPal Button below to choose this option:

2. If you don’t already have a facebook fan page for your book, We can set one up for you and create a custom billboard like the one below for $249. Click the PayPal Button below to choose this option:

With either option, you’ll also receive the ebook : How to Generate Traffic and Leads with Facebook.

Simple 3 step process:

1) Click the appropriate Buy Now button to be redirected to paypal. If you would prefer another form of payment, contact us.

2) Upload any pertinent artwork you want us to use via our file submission page at:  www.kindleexpert.com/submit or email any artwork you want us to use (as long as it’s under 10 megs) to: brian@50interviews.com

3) We’ll send you 3 designs to review within 7 days.  We’ll also provide a tutorial on how to upload the artwork so it appears on your new Facebook Timeline page.


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