How your Kindle edition can get you more reviews on Amazon

by Brian on May 15, 2012

Do you have as many Amazon reviews for your book as you’d like?  As a publisher of over 50 books on Amazon, I can share first hand that there is indeed a direct correlation between the number of reviews a title has and that title’s book sales.  The more reviews an author has (good or bad), the more he/she will sell. How many reviews?  I recommend getting as many as you can, but a good, realistic goal is 1-2 per month.

So how do you go about getting yourself more reviews?  By issuing a call to action!  Thankfully, Amazon does this automatically on its Kindle books with a pop up screen at the end of the Kindle book asking the reader to leave a review (& providing a live link to make it easy for them to do so). Of course that assumes they get to the end of your book.

So I recommend you provide your readers an added incentive to post an honest review earlier in the book.  Perhaps halfway through. Tell them that you would be grateful for their authentic feedback (whether it’s good bad) and that you are willing to provide something in return.  I like to offer either a $10 Amazon gift card, or if it’s another author, I’m happy to return the favor and write them an honest review.  I say honest because I’m not going to just give someone a 5-star review because they asked me to. Why? If your reviews are only good reviews,  they won’t carry as much weight when readers see your other reviews.

This is yet another good reason why it’s important to have your book available on Kindle.  If your print & kindle editions are properly linked, any reviews left on your Kindle edition will also show up on the listing for your print edition.

Still struggling with getting your book up on Kindle, Nook, or iBooks? Hire us and we’ll take care of the ebook layout and conversion for you – usually with 10 days, and we guarantee you will be pleased with the result (often our clients like the eBooks we create even better than their print edition). I’m proud to share that most of our business today comes via referrals, so you can move forward with confidence because we will do whatever it takes to make you glad you hired us (& thus refer future clients to us).

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Caitlin Kaur July 16, 2012 at 9:31 am

Hi, I just wondered if offering a $10 Amazon gift card isn’t against Amazon’s Terms of Service? Since ‘buying’ reviews is not allowed…

brian July 17, 2012 at 9:52 am

Caitlin – good point. But you aren’t buying reviews. You are simply sending a thank you to whomever took the time to give you a review. There’s no violation as I can see it because payment does not precede the event.

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