Wondering whether or not you should signup for KDP Select?

by Brian on March 5, 2012

Dear Author friends,

I received several emails shortly after Amazon announced the KDP Select program.   Everyone was asking me what I thought they should do.  I honestly couldn’t answer because I didn’t know the answer!  But today, I can.  I received an email from a past client that validates how incredibly powerful the KDP Select program can be!  Keep in mind this is a first book, she published it herself (with the help of KindleExpert.com) and is just about to finish her 1 week KDP promotion of offering her Kindle book at a $0.00 price on Amazon (which you get to do only if you sign up for KDP Select).  As of today (3/5/12), in the short time it’s been up (since 3/1/12), she’s had over 30,000 downloads and The Eighth Sea is currently ranked #1 in the historical fiction category and #5 Overall (Free) Kindle books (whoa!).  She’s even outselling Charles Dickens! Time will tell whether or not the explosion in exposure will translate into sales, it’s her only book. And she’ll be putting a price back on her book on 3/8/12).  I’ll report back in a couple months how well her sales have been.

But based on Nancy’s experience – I would give an enthusiastic thumbs up on the KDP Select program.  If you are a talented author, as Nancy is, you can see how much of a boost the KDP Select program gives.  I would not be surprised if she gets calls from NYC literary agents and major publishers.  Not bad for a first time author who just published her first book on Amazon 3 months ago!

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