Want to see samples of conversions we’ve done?

It’s your book – so you should demand to have it in the digital layout you prefer!

Hyperlinked Endnotes

High Resolution Images

Nested Table of Contents

Graphical Chapter Headers

Here’s a good before and after example:

Before (file submitted as a pdf)

BEFORE (Click to View)

After (file converted to .epub & .mobi)

AFTER (ePub) - Click to Download

AFTER (mobi) Click to Download

You will need an ebook reading software to view the files.  You can download an epub viewer here, and the Kindle previewer here.

I’ve done some very complex books – America’s History Revealed has 307 end-notes (& every single one was hyperlinked!), and Don’t Tread on Me has had over 100 images.  Jake Jab’s book had to be scanned in page-by-page. In fact, I love a challenge!

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