Looking for a dynamic digital publishing expert to speak to your group on the topic ebooks?

“The book business is changing dramatically and exponentially and Brian is ahead of the curve. He was very generous in sharing his expertise and he alerted us about pitfalls to avoid. As an author and publisher he is a shining example of someone who knew what he wanted to do and then did it, expeditiously, successfully and efficiently.” – Nancy Mills, Past President, Colorado Independent Publishers Association

Brian Schwartz has assisted hundreds of authors through the publishing process and is currently the President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. He has been speaking professionally and teaching workshops on digital publishing since 2008.  His talks are highly informative and always receive praise from attendees.  Having spoken recently at these notable events and organizations, Brian can provide speaker evaluations and references of conference organizers upon request:

  • SpeakerNet News
  • National Speakers Association (Click here for a video replay of the webinar)
  • Northern Colorado Writers Conference
  • Cape Cod Writers Conference
  • Steamboat Writers Conference
  • The DaVinci Institute (Click here for a replay of the workshop)
  • Authorfest of the Rockies
  • Colorado Independent Publishers Association (Click here to listen/download a replay of the expert panel Brian was on discussing ebooks)
  • City of Fort Collins Recreator
  • Colorado Free University
  • Quid Novi Innovation Festival (Click here for a video replay of his talk)

Below is a list of talks he’s available to offer your association, organization, company, or conference.  Rest assured, all material is built upon real world experience as Brian is a small independent publisher who generates thousands of dollars a month in book & ebooks sales. Knowing how audiences hate to be sold to, he instead aims to provide more value than his audience expects and makes himself available to attendees after his talks for Q&A.

  • Putting Your Book and eBook Sales on Autopilot: Exploiting opportunities in  digital publishing.
  • The 7 secrets of online book marketing success: Insights from an independent, micro-niche publisher who generates thousands $/month in sales.
  • Book-to-Nook – Pixels To Profit: What it takes to succeed in the exploding digital book marketplace.
  • The eBook Easy Button: A technique to create beautiful looking ebooks without html and utilizing tools you already know.
  • Amazon Optimization – Marketing Secrets of the Kindle Superstars: A case study of several of Amazon’s self-published Kindle millionaires (Amanda Hocking, John Locke, JA Konrath, BV Larson, Seth Godin & more)
  • The New Path to Getting Noticed by Publishers – The Digital Marketplace:  Publishers can’t ignore an author who’s already proved there’s a market for their topic. Whether it’s building a massive following on twitter like Justin Halpern did to secure a six-figure advance, or selling thousands of Kindle books to secure a multi-million dollar contract like Amanda Hocking, the path to get published is anything but conventional.

Past Workshops:

Registering your eBook: What’s entailed to list your ebook for greatest visibility and maximum profit? Do you need an ISBN? Why is e-bookdistribution’ misleading & should you avoid 3rd party aggregators? Learn to avoid the missteps some authors have made that cost them dearly with Amazon.

Identify a reachable niche: The state of the eBook industry and direction it’s heading. Ebooks are still in their infancy. Over 20 million books-in-print on Amazon vs. just over a million Kindle Books. How to use free online tools to see what people are searching for (trending topics). What to look for in an Amazon listing. Considerations for the digital medium & emerging ebook standards

Formatting for Multiple eReaders and Markets: Formatting for the current and future ebook formats. The Amazon lending platform and releasing special editions of your work. Focusing on the big 3 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple).

Setting your title up for worldwide automated fulfillment: eBook distribution options (aggregator pros & cons).  New options for Print-on-demand. Putting fulfillment on auto pilot. How to keep your title from becoming ‘out of stock’.

Creating a low-effort scalable operation: Online tools for authors & publishers. Leveraging affiliate and drip marketing. Leveraging sponsors, partners, and fans to increase visibility. Setting your business up so you can focus on your writing!

Effective marketing and the 80/20 rule: Never be more than a click away from a sale. The 7 secrets to online book marketing success. Optimizing for title on Amazon (learning from the kindle bestsellers). Serializing your content.

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Contact info:
Brian Schwartz
Digital Publisher

Authorpreneur Brian Schwartz is the creator of the award winning 50 Interviews series and has published 20 titles in the last 2 years. Driven out of a need to provide his authors access to the digital book market, he launched KindleExpert.com in 2010 to provide digital conversion and sales optimization services for other authors and publishers. His title of ‘Authorpreneur’ encompasses the roles he fills as CEO, author, speaker, trainer, publisher, and consultant. He’s currently the President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association – a 20 year old association, and the first of it’s kind dedicated to self-publishers. He’s been featured on NBC & CBS, in the Denver Business Journal, and is the author of a monthly column for the Northern Colorado Business Report highlighting innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Colorado.

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